Fresh off the Hook 2-19-10

Well, did you miss this last week?  What I can I say I had nothing.  Things just didn’t seem to be working out and I was discouraged.  However, I think I have gotten over that hump for now.  This week I have some things to share and I have an order to fill for my sister-in-law’s coworker.

So first up I have a cute little cell phone cozy.  I was inspired to make one after seeing one of my younger residents with one. 

Next up is some hair clips that I made little flowers for.  Nothing fancy, just something to add a little extra to the hair do.

That’s all that I made this week.  I have a project in the works but am setting it aside to take care of this order.  I’m also starting to think maybe I should focus on things to sell at some local craft fairs rather than online as online I don’t seem to do so well.  However, if there is anything you ever see posted on here that you would like feel free to contact me about making you some. 

See you next week!


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