One Month later

Where do I begin this story.  It really starts back in January, or maybe even before.  So here is the background.  I’m not the world’s best housekeeper.  I certainly wasn’t raised or taught skills for house keeping and so things have been very hit or miss since I got married.  Then last fall I started trying to FLY.  I actually wasn’t doing to bad with it either but somehow I just didn’t feel like I was making progress.  Then I had my baby and well FLYing went out the window.  Somewhere near the beginning of January The Happy Housewife talked about how she uses the motivated moms planner and it has really helped her to stay on track with the house keeping.  I decided to look into it and further decided it was worth trying.  Now it’s one month later.

Let me say this system is working much better for me.  To start with, I enjoy being able to check things off the list.  That’s just the type of person I am.  Next, this breaks things down in easy to do daily items.  I wish I was better at writing reviews.  I feel like I can’t express how much I like this planner.  So let me take it from another angle.

I can see and know that the house is cleaner.  My husband has seen “some” improvement in how the house looks.  While at the beginning of February I told myself I would very committed to following it to the “T” I found myself slacking near the end.  I feel if I stay committed by the end of March (or maybe the middle of April) I will have a well kept house.  Now I’m not expecting perfection, afterall I have 5 kids running around and another trying to get around; however, I know that there will be less dirt, clutter, and more organzation to how things get cleaned.  If you struggle and need to see a list to be able to check things off and keep track of things I would certainly recommend this product!


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