Fresh Off the Hook 3/19/2010

I think I got my groove back!  Course people asking me to make them things doesn’t hurt either, lol.  This week was a great week for crocheting (course the warm weather was a big help as the kids could go outside and I could sit and crochet while they played).    The week I got 2 letter pillows and my Etsyhookers Team Challenge item done.

Here are the letters:

Don’t they look great?  And a big thank you to Laura at Laura’s Left Hook for showing me where to get the patterns.

Next is my Etsyhookers Team Challenge Entry.  The theme is Irish inspired.  It took me a while to pick something because I knew I wouldn’t have anything done for Saint Patrick’s day.  I finally decided on a little green cell phone cozy with an Irish Rose Embellishment.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out and will have it listed in my store by lunchish.

So that’s it for this week.  I’ve already started on the next project which is a baby ensemble.  After that I need to test two patterns and then make some stars.  Come by next week to see what’s Fresh Off the Hook!


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