Fresh Off the Hook 3/26/10

What a great week of crocheting!  I got the baby ensemble completely done and 1 1/2 letters done.

The baby ensemble is done in TLC Baby pink and yellow.  My coworker requested this for her new granddaughter and I hope her and her daughter will like it.

Tiny modeling the baby ensemble


Close up on the indivual items

Now I was asked (to my great honor) to test some letter patterns for Laura from Laura’s Left Hook.  I love her patterns as you might has realized by now and was happy to test for her.  She asked me to do the letters k and g.  I have the k completely done and ready to share with you and you’ll just have to wait for the letter g as it’s not ready for pictures yet.

That’s it.  Next week you’ll definately see the letter g and I’m not sure what else as this moment so come back and see what’s fresh off the hook!


One thought on “Fresh Off the Hook 3/26/10

  1. Thanks for the kind comments; your letter k looks great and you are helping me get to my goal of getting through all those letter patterns.

    Love the baby items. It has been a while since I made anything like that.

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