Fresh Off The Hook 4/2/10

See the letter “g”?  It’s all I got dome this week. This was tbhe second letter pattern I was testing for Laura’s Left Hook. I tried to get other things done but alas it just didn’t happen.  So let’s have some fun this week.  I’m going to do a giveaway.  Yes, you read that right, a giveaway. 

Here’s what you have to do:

Head over to the Etsyhookers blog

See all those great entries for the creative challenge?

Great!  Now vote for one, I don’t care which, just vote

Now come back here and tell me who you voted for and that how you are entered

Easy, right?

Now what will you win-You’ll win what I entered.

In case you aren’t sure what I entered here’s a picture again:

So now go vote, comment here and be entered to win!

After the polls have closed I’ll use to pick the winner.  Be sure to leave contact info.


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