Fresh Off the Hook 4/30/10

Well on the last day of the month I have a few things to share with you (course I also missed sharing last week so that kinda helps). 

The last 2 weeks I have tested a few letter patterns for Laura’s Left Hook, however, I only took one to completation for sharing.  That letter was the letter j.

I also needed to restock my items at the local tea room which meant doing a lot of ladybug related items.

The above is not the exact ones I made but I forgot to take a picture of them and so I’m just sharing an example.

And I got a little (just a little) creative and made a teapot and tea cup and turned them into magnets.

That’s it.  In semirelated news I also opened an artfire account and have a whooping 2 items listed there. 

So there we have it.  Tune in next week to see what’s fresh off the hook.


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