Happy Leon Day!

Crafters take note, it’s Leon Day.  No, I didn’t invented.  Leon Day (or Noel spelled backwards) marks 6 months until Christmas. (Don’t shoot the messenger)!  So have you started thinking about those Christmas gifts you want to make yet?  Oddly enough I have.  Course I”m sure I’ll change my mind over the next 3 months thus leaving me with 3 months to work on them but that’s okay.  Some ideas that are running through the mind right now include letter pillows for the neices and nephews. 

I think done in their favorite colors these could be nice for any age.

I’ve thought about stock piling on silly bands (okay not craft related but still something I’m thinking of Christmas) but fear that until Christmas time they will not longer be the in thing.

And I’ve thought of making some vanilla extract for some of the adult females in the family which would be just about ready if I start it this weekend.

Those about where the ideas stop.  What about you?  Do you have any crafty or maybe not so crafty Christmas gift ideas floating round yet?  I’d love to hear them.


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