Use your Senses Day

Can you name all the senses?  Sight, hearing, touch, smelling, and seeing.  Now how often do use them?  I mean really use them.  Since I started working at a retirement village I have learned that using your senses often takes on a new meaning.  Or maybe it was just I took them for granted before.  Today I would like to encourage you to really pay attention to just how important your senses are.  Imagine not having one and how your world would be different.  Enjoy those smells in the kitchen, watch the sunset and take in all the colors you might see.  Pop some packing bubbles.  Listen carefully to a baby laugh or your teen talk.  Taste something wonderful tonight for supper.

Now for a slightly different subject but goes along oh so well.  I’m hosting a Scentsy party (let me tell you smelling their wickless candles will definately awaken your sense of smell) and I”m inviting all you to check things out.    Here’s the link:  Like I said, they have wonderfuls scents and since it’s wickless the melted wax doesn’t hurt if little fingers or paws would get in it.

Have a Sensational Day!


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