Great Deal

So awhile (maybe 4 months or so)ago I told you all about the Motivated Mom’s calendar.  A wonderful little tool designed to  help you keep your house clean to to make spring cleaning a thing of the past.  Why a thing of the past?  Because with this planner all those things are accounted for and broken up in to much smaller tasks throughout the year.  I must say I love my planner.  It really has made a difference in the condition of my house.

Now here’s the great deal part.  Since today is July 1st they have cut their prices in half!  That’s right you can get the planner for $4 now!  You have about 3 months to get this year’s planner at this price and then next year’s will be available.  You really should take advantage of this deal.  Here is the link: or you can click the link on the left hand side bar.


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