Must have school supplies

I know that this list is different for everyone.  Let’s face whether you school your children at home or send them on the big yellow bus we still all have our prefaces.  I thought I would take some time over the next few weeks and share some of our favorites.

Today’s favorite:  Ticonderoga Pencils.  Now some may say that pencils are pencils.  There are 2 basic types wooden and mechanical.  Let me say that mechanical just don’t work in my house.  Lead is constantly getting lost and the point breaks super easy in little hands.  Not to mention the whole losing the eraser part.  No, we don’t have mechanical pencils in this house

No up until last year I figured a wooden pencil was a wooden pencil.  Then I heard lots of people raving about Ticonderga’s pencils.  Cusious, I went and bought some.  Boy did my mind change quickly.  These pencils actually get sharpened instead of eaten.  The erasers work as they should.  These are just all around wonderful pencils.  I’ll never go back to others again.  Best of all this week they are on sale at Staples.  That’s where I’m headed today with 2 coupons so I can get 2 packs of pencils.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to another one later this week to get a 3rd pack as I have 3 coupons.

What are some of your favorite school supplies.  I’ll share another in a few days.


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