8 Days into our Learning Adventure

So we are now 8 days into our Learning Adventure and things are going quite well.  We are working on memorizing Psalms 24.  They both can go through verse 4 easily and Bam-bam is working up towards verse 6.  We have read some great books including:

The 7 wonders of the Ancient world was really fascinating to me as I didn’t even know what they were and to hear the details of them was just awesome. 

We have made a diorama of the Nile and are just starting to see the chive seed sprout.

Bam-Bam and Pebbles are both reading on their own.  Bam-Bam read Percy Jackson and the Olympians The lightening Thief and is very excited to read the next one in the series.  Pebbles has read through Maze of Bones, the first in the 39 clues series and is also ready for the next one.

I guess that’s all to report.  We haven’t been able to do the barely cakes yet as I haven’t found barely locally.  Also today we are suppose to do a science experienment involving paint, cans, and the sun but it’s suppose to be rather cloudy today so it will have to wait for another day.


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