More hands on, more creativity

So as part of this year’s learning adventure we are studying Deserts.  We covered them some last year so this a is review of sorts and more in-depth study.  Well one of the activities we are suppose to do is to make a booklet.  Now, the “busy” mom in me says give them some starting points and just let them go to work.  However, I’m feeling like they need a little more than that so I did a search for desert lapbooks.  There are lots of great things out there.  Some free, some cost money, most require you to print things out.  So now I need to decide how to continue.  Do I buy something or do I start printing like crazy.  Or do I come up with my own stuff.  Not sure I have the creativity for my own stuff.  Anyways that’s where I”m at right now.  I’ll show off finish products when they are done.


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