That time of year again

Yes, the dog days of summer have left us and there is a distinct difference in the air this morning.  Summer is changing to fall.  And with the change comes cooler nights, crisp mornings and (add omnisus music here) the changing of the wardrobe.  Oh how I hate that task.  To start with there is almost always a battle of why shorts are longer to be worn.  Next is the task of actually going through dressers and switching everything around and figuring out what fits and just the whole nine yards.

I know what the easy thing would be to do.  The easy way out would be to take all the shorts, bag them up and drop them off at the thrift shop and then proceed to go shopping for the fall/winter clothes.  However, that would be expensive with 6 kids.  So instead, I’ll sort through the saving what can be worn by another child and packing it away and seeing what sizes I have for the current season for each child.  Just thinking about it makes me tired but what’s a mom to do.


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