When the power goes out

Earlier this week we had a storm blow through which in turn left us without power for a few hours.  When it went out at a little after 4 it wasn’t a big deal.  When it was still out at 5 we just spent time outside enjoy the cooler weather that had come after the storm.  When it was still out at 6 we started complating supper, after all, cooking was now getting to be out of the question.  At 7 though, that’s when things started to get a little dicey.  It was quickly becoming darker in the house and certain parties of the household were getting uncomfortable to say the least.  We did some shadow puppets but didn’t want to kill the batteries in one night either so that wasn’t a great alternative.  We tried to play fortunately/unfortunately and while that did result in some laughs, not quite everyone fully understood what unfortunately meant.  Course that lead to more laughs.  by 20 of 8 though I had a fully scared 4 year old and a 5 year old that was scared but not really wanting to admit it.  We decided it was time for bed, early as it was but what else could we do in the dark.  Getting some of them to bed was a challenge because of there being no lights but by 7:50 they were in bed and by 8 so were we.  After all there wasn’t much we could do in the dark either.  Power came back on about 11:30 that night.

So what do you do when the lights go out?


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