Moving on to Ancient Greece

So after a busy 3 week vacation we are now returning to our Learning Adventure and going to Ancient Greece and studing the human body.  We are really enjoying learning adventures (so much so that I don’t feel the need to even look for a different curriculum choice for next year) and Ancient Greece isn’t letting us down.  Pebbles thinks she would have like to lived at this time since girls didn’t go to school (well some did depending on where they lived).  We got a great interactive history adventure book for the library about Ancient Greece and they both enjoyed picking an adventure to follow.  We have also been reading fables and will do some Myths in the coming weeks.  Yesterday they did a map of Ancient Greece and I was so thankful to find this blank map at fivejs.  I’ll try to provide a list of all the resources we use for this unit closer to the end of it so others have some ideas.

On another topic I lost a whooping 8.6 pounds for the month of September!  I am thrilled.  If I could do that for another 2 months I’d be on top of the world, still not at my goal weight but on top of the world.  It’s taking a lot of work but I’m glad to see it paying off.  Next week is the last week of training block 2 for p90x and then I’m in the finally 5 weeks of it.  Then I’m thinking I’ll go back to the beginning and do it all instead of my modified verison of it.


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