Why I like Spark People

Once upon a time ago I joined sparkpeople.  I didn’t take it seriously and with being pregnant it really didn’t matter.  However, now that I have more determination to loose the weight I decided to go back to sparkpeople and really use it.  I can’t say how helpful it has been.  Honestly, I thought the liquid calories weren’t all that bad until I started using sparkpeople.  I also didn’t realize how poorly I was eating.  Now things are changing though.  I enjoy watching the water cup fill up as I click how many glasses of water I’ve had.  I get shocked at how many calories can be in something that I thought was good.  It has been very eye opening and it’s helping me make better choices which in turn helps my family eat better. 

Sparkpeople is not only for food and water intake.  They also have great articles on health and fitness and you can track your exercise routines.  There is a wealth of information on there plus “community groups” you can join and get support from people that have things in common with you.

If you are trying to lose the weight and want to track what’s going into your body I highly recommend sparkpeople.   Wanna check them out?  Click the link on the left hand side.


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