Beginning, end, or somewhere in-between?

Well last week was or should have been? my first week of training block 3 for p90x.  However, (long story short) dh has decided to start up again and thus last week ended up being my week 1 of block 1.  Oh well, you’ll have this.  This change will allow me to have some decent before pictures though (provided I get them taken this weekend) and that will be nice.  Also as I have dropped up of couch 2 5k I have the opportunity to follow p90x more closely if I should choose to do so.  So far this week I have not but have at least done some exercising on the days I didn’t do p90x.    I am seriously considering doing pylometrics and yoga next week but still think I’ll pass on the kenpo.  I know have two goals listed on my sheet.  The first was to be 167.6 lbs by 11/13.  I”m actually pretty close to that and am hopefully that I will meet that goal/deadline.  The new goal is to be 153.6 lbs by 1/8/11 (yep a new body by New Year’s essentially).  That still leaves about 20 pounds higher than my ideal and 13 pounds higher than my “yeah I made it this far, this is good” weight but it will be progress.

In other news, school is continuing to go well.  The other week we made ambrosia, food of the gods, and the kids really liked it.  I must confess I’m enjoying reading the Greek Mythology as I never learned it in school.    Dozer continues to amaze me with the stuff he comes up with.  This week he informed me that when he grows up he’s going to: 1.  go to the moon 2.  be his own boss 3.  drive himself to Wendy’s whenever he wants.  (Yes Wendy’s is a really treat in this house, lol)

that’s all on the homefront.  Off to work on that moutain of laundry.


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