Yep this was a great week as I met my goal that I had set back on August 13th.  I wanted to be 12 pounds lighter by 11/13 and guess?  I hit that goal on Wednesday, 2 1/2 weeks early.  I was excited.  I was jumping up and down and telling my dh what that meant for both of us, it was a great day.  As a bonus this morning he was telling me that he could really see a difference in my figure.  Happy, happy day! (Now if I could only see a difference in my clothes)

So the new goal (which actually started about 10/11) is to lose 12 more pounds from my goal weight by 1/8/11.    I think it’s really doable.  I still won’t be at my goal weight but I’m trying to keep things reasonable plus that’s when I’ll be done with my restarted p90x.  I’m still struggling with my food choices and learning that some stuff is just too high calories to deal with even though I really enjoy them.    I’ve come a long way though with my water intake and soda/tea reduction.

Well I’m off.  It’s been a busy week out and about and I need to get caught up on things before working all weekend.


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