Staying on track

It’s that time of year where for some reason we seem to put our goals on hold and plan on getting back on track on 1/1.  However, I’m trying to break that habitat.  I know there’s “always tomorrow” but too many “tomorrows” can slip away and it will make it all that much harder to get back on track.    I want to finish 2010 strong.  I want to say I ran a good race.  I am allowing some “treats” here and there but I’m also keeping myself in check (especially since the scale has been on a downward trend and I can fit into a pair of my size 12 jeans).

On the schooling, we’ll watch a video today and then we’re going on Christmas break.  Yeah!  Earlier this week we watched Drive Thru History, Greece.  It was great!  It really went along with our Ancient Greece study and I can’t wait to watch more of them.  I loved how it incorporated the bible.  It helped me see how things are connected.  We are also enjoying our Christmas Adventure and Jesse Tree journey.  I read these short devotionals while the kids eat lunch and it works really well for us.  I’m also reading A Christmas Carol during lunch.

I’m busy working on Christmas gifts right (well actually I just made up some ornaments for the tea room).  I’m thinking of making ornaments for my coworks, clipboards and notebooks for some of neices and nephew, and ummm there was something else I was thinking of.  Hope I remember.  Well time to get a good picture of the kids and make some Christmas Cards. 

Hope everyone has a great week.


One thought on “Staying on track

  1. Congratulations on the jeans!!

    The Drive Through HIstory DVD’s are great tools! We’ve watched a couple. We’re going to have one more week of school and then we’ll be on break. I’m looking forward to it!

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