You Only Cheat Yourself

So I’ve slacked big time in the last week exercise and food choices wise.  Course I looked about over my exercise calendar and realized Friday exercising just doesn’t seem to happen.  I don’t know why but when I’m doing good I want to continue to do well but when I start to slip I’m ready to throw in the towel.  However, I’ve come to the clearly obvious fact that I’m only cheating myself.  Yes, my husband is concerned about my health but for the most part when I don’t eat well or exercise I’m only hurting myself.  I know part of my problem is I’m ready to be done with p90x.  It’s doing a great job but I’ve been doing it since August and I just need a change.  I’ve found a few videos I’m going to try through Netflix and one I think I would like to buy from Amazon but haven’t decided yet.  It’s already Wednesday and I’m thinking exercise won’t be happening this week at this point but maybe just maybe I’ll get off on the right foot next week.


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