A new Year

Okay so it’s already the 10th of January but hey life happens.  So here’s what’s happening.  December was a bad month exercise and food wise and the scale was the proof.  I can climber back over 160 by the end of December and was very discouraged.  However, Sparkpeople to the rescue.  They started a 28 day bootcamp challenge and I joined in.  I finished week one strong.  I had a bad weekend for eating but am starting well today.  I haven’t meet my goal weight for the first of the year but stumbles happen.  At this point I would like to be 10 pounds lighter by 2/14.  That’s reasonable if I can keep the sweets under control.  Sweets are my major downfall.  I just don’t know how to break that.  So that’s where all that stands.

School next.  We started back 2 days later than planned and at a very minimal pace.  I knew we needed to start back to school but I just wasn’t as ready as I hoped to be.  Today we are going full steam again and for the most part it’s going well.  We are up to Ancient Rome in our Learning Adventures and I really think the kids will enjoy this unit (course they have enjoyed the previous 2 units so why should this one be any different).   I’ll try and post what books we are reading.  So far we have used Drive thru History: Rome if you want to, just to give us an intro to Rome.  The kids really enjoy the Drive Thru History books.

That’s all for now.  Have a good one.


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