End of January

Can you believe the first month of the year is almost over?  To say time is passing quickly would be an understatement.  I have come to the full realization (but not acceptance) that time can quickly slip through your fingers if you don’t get a handle on it.  For example, I had a goal of finishing a certain project by the end of the month.  I can promise you that will not be happening.  I’m resetting the goal for it to be finish come 2/6.  That is still optimistic but nonetheless I need a goal, to feel the pressure.  As I”m looking back over January I’m trying to figure out if anything should be sticking out at me.  Slingshot turned 6 which kinda blew my mind.  It means everyone is getting older.  Outside of that there’s nothing that really sticks out to me.  I feel like I was just getting pulled down life’s river, not in control of where I was going.  I know I’m just rambling but I needed to ramble so there it is.  I could write about school or exercising (or lack thereof), but today I chose to ramble with the conclusion that I need to pick a direction to go in life, not just hang on for the ride


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