New Exercise Plan

So on Monday I will start t-tapp.  I’ve decided to do 2 weeks (Monday-Friday) with the insturctional part and then the following Monday start a 10 day bootcamp.  That means if their claim is accurate I should be down about 2 dress sizes (definately 1) by my birthday near the end of June.  I’m really excited to get started.  I plan on having my dh take my measurements and before pictures on Sunday.  This morning I watched the seminar dvd and I found it motivating and encouraging.  I also have Tapp Core which I want to watch and possibly start to use as our P.E. selection.  I’m also considering making hoe-downs a part of our day or at least part of my day.

I think my biggest hurdle (besides getting past day 3 and doing day 4 from what Teresa says) is not watching the scale but watching the inches.  I can’t say I’m scale driven but it definately is easier to get on the scale and see results and going through all the measurements.  I’m also a little unsure on how to measure success.  Part of me says, well success will be losing the 2 dress sizes that I want to lose.  Or of course hitting the magic number on the scale which you aren’t suppose to be looking at with the t-tapp program.  Then there is a great article on sparkpeople about the 10% solution but when I add up the inches and then think about 10% it becomes intimidating.  So how do you measure success.  I think I’m going to go with dress size.  After all my goal is be in smaller clothes so I might as well want to get to the smaller dress sizes.

I’m wanting/hoping to journal about this experience on here but of course things don’t always go as I hope so we’ll see.


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