T-Tapp days 0-2

Day 0 (Sunday) My husband took my measurements for me.  I’m glad to have a starting point but was a little discouraged when I did the math and realized what 10% lost would be.  Although as I sit here typing I realized maybe it would be a little smart to think of 10% of each area instead of the total.

Day 1 (Monday) Well I know now why they recommend going through the instructional before just doing a bootcamp or so.  I totally felt like I had a good workout but still felt energized to get going on my day.  Two areas of struggle:  arm movements with plies and trying to see what she is doing  and being able to do it also.

Day 2 (Tuesday) Arms with plies are still kicking my butt.  I can understand why people want to well start spouting things off don day 2 (which makes me worry about day 3 when according to Teresa things are really hard).  However, I”m hopeful that by doing this with the instructional I won’t be so discouraged during the boot camp.  I’m also watching the t-tapp core video today just to see what is on it and to possibly figure out how to use it with the kids.  I think next week (when I’m past day 3, lol) I’m going to add the walking part for after the instructional.  It’s only about 8 minutes and I think it will be a nice little addition.

Currently plan:  Instruction video for 2 weeks (Monday-Friday), the following Monday start a bootcamp of at least 10 days.  10 days is what is recommended for losing 2 dress sizes, 14 days for 3 dress sizes.  If I lose 2 dress sizes I’ll be the same size I was before I had children.  I find that good.  I’m temtped by the 3 dress sizes but since I can’t ever remember a time of when I was that size.    With starting a bootcamp on Monday if I go straight through (as recommended) I could do a 12 day bootcamp ending on a Friday.  I guess for now I’ll just try to get through the instructional and a 10 day bootcamp.  I’ll decide about those extra 2 days closer to the time.


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