T-Tapp Days 3-5

Day 3- No words were flying at the t.v. but doubt was certainly creeping into my mind.  I began to question if I could really do this.  I certainly wasn’t getting all reps in today.  On the upside I started looking for things when I was exercising, like are my feet straight when I’m walking or am I walking like a duck.  Am I pulling my shoulders back?  I guess you could say her voice is getting into my head.

Day 4-Again I struggle and question myself.  I find I’m still not getting in all the reps til and then and I seriously question exercising on Friday (day 5).  I start telling myself that I can start to see/feel changes already, like my stomach doesn’t seem so big but I am not actually sure.  I also believe that I’m now starting to stand up straighter but still I’m not sure.

Day 5- I push through wondering if I should be more concerned about form or getting in the reps.  I’m pretty sure the answer is form.  I really wonder if I’ll be able to handle the actual video as oppose to the instructional and am very glad that I have planned for one more week of the instructional.  I’m also very glad it’s Friday and I am taking the weekend off.  I’m finding the hardest part for me is to keep my knees bent.  I just struggle with it.  I can’t believe have weak those muscles are.  I guess in time they will get stronger and I’ll get better at it.

Final thoughts for this week:  I”m very glad there is an instructional part.  There is no way I would get through the regular workout without learning the moves first.  It’s not that the moves are hard it’s just putting them all together takes a little time.  I’m hoping to see results when I do (well actually my husband will take them) my measurements on Sunday.  One thing I haven’t figured out yet and should probably go over to T-Tapp and ask about is if the dress size lost time starts when you start the instructional video or the actual video.  I’ll let you know how next week goes.


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