Measurements and Day 6 with T-Tapp

One week into T-tapp instructional 1 and inches lost is 0.  Yep, zip nada, nothing.  Okay that’s true in a sense.  I had some lost but I had some gain and when you do the math it equalls 0.  This was disheartening to say the least.  I honestly thought there was going to be a net loss somehow.  But no.  I can say however, that where there was actual inches lost is where I have felt the exercises the most, right above the knee.  In fact that is one reason why I don’t get in all the reps because I just can’t keep those knees bent and keep going, the “burn” is too much.

Day 6-  After seeing my net loss of 0 inches I knew I needed some motivation to get started this morning, so I read some of the stories in the book and looked at the pictures.  I want to see those results in myself I know it won’t happen if I quit.  I made it throught the workout but not with complete reps.    I also realized something else today while exercising, form is HARD!!!!!  I’m always missing part of it.  Then as I work to correct it I’m missing out on reps or what is happening next.  I’m either not keeping my knees bent (which as I said those muscles really start to burn) or I’m not keeping my butt tucked (which might explain some of the inches gained in certain areas, but I’m not sure yet because I can’t get on the forums yet to ask).  I’m also starting to question when I’ll know I’m ready for the actual video instead of the instructional.  I know the little booklet says to do the instructional at least 7 times before moving on but how will I know when I’m ready?  I definately need to get on the forums and ask some questions.  However, I can’t at this time because I’m waiting approval.

So that’s where I’m at.  Hopefully next time I write I’ll have answers to questions and be feeling better about what I’m doing.


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