T-Tapp days 7 and 8

Day 7:  I know I should have figured this out BEFORE starting but I didn’t think it was important but now I realize while it still may not be important, knowing is good.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about my body type, which after some discussion with my husband, we have decided it’s a combo leaning on the short torso side.  This actually explains a lot.  Like why keeping buns tucked is hard for me.  Today I also only did part of the t-tapp twist.  I only did the twist part with focusing on keeping knees bent and buns tucked.  This in turned lead to my back not hurting afterwards.  I think I’m on to something.  I’m also very thankful for still having the book from the library because as I glanced back through it I see it clearly says that form is more important than reps.

Day 8-I take yesterday’s knowledge on form more important that reps and the fact that I’m a combo body and go to work today.  I feel like I did better with form when I made that my focus.  Plies are kicking my butt!  I can get through the first 8 and then I have to slow down.  Still I’m confident that even if I don’t get all the reps in I’ll still see results.  As a small side note, I find when I’m doing the form correctly (or at least what I think is correctly) I feel like I’m leaning back really far.  Maybe that’s how I’ll know I’m doing it right.

I’m finally able to post on the boards and I find myself spending a lot of time there reading stories and what others are doing.  It’s been very encouraging.  It’s funny to that there are a lot of women on there who either are homeschooling or have almost or as many children as I do.  Both of which are encouraging for some reason.  Maybe because know that others who have things in common with me have had success means I too can have success.  I’m teetering a bit with my game plan.  I had planned on doing a bootcamp with the full workout but after reading on the forums I have discovered I can do a bootcamp with instructional 1 so I might do that but I”m not sure yet.  I have a few more days to figure that out.  Once again I find myself getting anxious for measurement day in hopes of seeing a net loss this week.


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