T-Tapp 9 and 10

Day 9-I learned a lot on the forums, the biggest thing being use the pause button.  This may be common sense to some of you but I never think to use the pause button with exercise video.  However, as it was pointed out to me on the forum, by using the pause button you can make sure your forum is correct and then proceed with the exercise.  That’s how important form is for T-Tapp.  I was feeling good so I did the instructional 1 in the morning, then after lunch I did 1 hoe down and the walking on the TappCore video.  I was feeling good.  Then came….

Day 10– I woke up not even wanting to exercise.  However, I didn’t push myself to do somethings, well a lot would be left undone.  So I told myself I would just do the Primary Back Stretch and then a hoe down and the walking.   I don’t even make it through the primary back stretch.  I just couldn’t get into it and I felt shaky and I just stopped.  This leads to guilt and well the day just spiraled down hill.  I felt like a failure and unsure how to pull myself up.

After reading on the forum and seeing how day 10 went I’m not sure what my game plan will be for Monday.  I’m hoping for a net loss this weekend when I get measured.


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