2 weeks into T-Tapp

So this week kicked on week 3 of T-Tapp for me and after a discouraging Friday, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  After reading on the forum I knew I wasn’t necessarily going to set out to start a 10 day bootcamp (although as of this morning I am considering doing a 4 day-er).  Sunday measurements were discouraging as well as I’m up 1 inches. (and of course because I can’t throw my scale away I will also add that I’m down 1.2 pounds).  I also had my husband take my 2 week pictures and well I’m not seeing much of a difference but part of that is because I can view them on the computer yet.  I did on Sunday see on the forums someone starting a thread about doing an awesome legs 10 day challenge so I joined in on that after printing out the directions.  I figure it can’t hurt.

Day 11– It’s Memorial Day and I really didn’t feel like doing a full exercise but I did do PBS, hoe downs, AL, and flat stomach.  I didn’t do them all together, but broken up over the day.

Day 12- I give BWO+ a shot.  I actually felt like I did better with that than instructional 1 because it was just straight through (okay so I paused it a few times and drank some water).  Sometimes I feel if I stop too much I lose momentum.  I also did the AL.  For fun, I measured how tall I am because I know that if I’m standing up straighter I must be getting taller, right.  Well first measurement had me at 3/4 of an inch taller than I knew me to be and I almost squealed with joy.  I thought I better double-check it and the 2nd time I got 1/2 inch taller.  So I think it’s safe to say I “grew” however, I’m going to have to have my husband double-check by exactly how much.


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