Happy Last Day of School

So today concludes our 2010-2011 school year.  Nothing terribly special about it.  We did our written review of our last unit, did our end of the year info and pictures.  Overall, I’m quite happy with how the year went.  I think the kids enjoyed learning (for the most part) and teaching went well.  That being said, I’m a little stumped as to what we are going to be doing come August.  I know we are starting back to school with Mr. Popper’s Peguins in lapbook form .  Then I’m not sure.  I like learning adventures.  It really makes things easy on me.  However, Bam-Bam is looking for some more independence and I’m sure how to give that to him and keep all the kids in a unit study.  I know others do it, I’m just not sure *I* can do it.  I found a second option that would provide for the independence but it’s not a unit study which leaves me slightly hanging for the other children.  This is where the internet can really show it’s pros and cons.  I can find oodles of things but it also means sitting at the computer to sort through them all.  I wish I can a catalog of all my choices so I could read over them whereever and decide but alas that is not the case right now.  Anyways, Happy Last Day of School to you all.


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