1 month of T-Tapp

Well I wish I could say I’m the poster child for t-tapp and that I lost those 2 dresses in 4 weeks but I can’t.  Do I think that means it’s now working, no.  I mean my husband would have me believe that but I don’t and have convinced (sorta) that it’s worth continueing with for the next 2 months.  Grand total I have lost a whopping 2 inches.  My body has started to change just enough to make my clothes uncomfortable (yes thanks to what I hope to be fat shifts my clothes are actually tighter and I panic when it’s time to get ready for work wondering if my pants will fit).  I can honestly say I haven’t done much to change my diet which has to change, that’s just who I am.  I’m sure stress and family genes have a little something to do with it all too.  So there’s the one month progress update.  Thanks to the ladies on the t-tapp forum I’m motivated to keep pushing play (and pause as needed) and hope to have a better update in another month.


2 thoughts on “1 month of T-Tapp

  1. I’ve been keeping up with this. I discovered it a week or so before you started and am interested in trying it after Skylar is born. Did you buy yours or can you check it out of the library?

    • I bought my through a great deal on Deal of the Day San Antonia but they also offer specials each month. I was able to get the book through my library BUT I couldn’t follow it through the book, I need the visual and audio instructions of the dvd. They do have a mommy fitness that you could look at for now. I have to say all the people on their forum are very supportive and inspiring.

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