I *think* I have a plan

So I have spent a quite a few days (or weeks) wondering what to do this coming school year.  I really liked Learning Adventures but seems like it just isn’t going to fit the family dynamics now.  I was lost.  I had a few sleepless nights, looked at more things than I can count, compared prices (budget is very key this year in deciding what I am going to do) and now I think I have a plan.  Here’s what I’m planning on using:

Answers in Genesis: History Revealed: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries 

Answers in Genesis: God’s Design For Science  I think I’m going to use the Design for Life: Human Body, Design for Heaven and Earth: Our Universe and Design for the Physical World: Machines and Motion  It will make for an interesting year I’m sure.

I’m going with Learning Language Arts through Literature.  I’ll be using the Red, Yellow, and Tan

Physcial Education will be covered with T-Tapp Core.

Math is still a little fuzzy.  I know I want Bam-Bam to use Math Detectives for at least a little while.  I’m hoping it will up his interest in math and strengthen his skills.  As for Pebbles and Slingshot, well I might just continue with Singapore but I’m not 100% sure.  However, that’s the only thing that is still undecided (unless something happens to change my mind)


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