T-tapp update

So I think I’ve been tapping for about 6 weeks now (give or take a few days) and I’m finally seeing some results, sorta.  I can look at my paper and say that I’ve lost just over 5 inches net.  Not a lot in the grand scheme of things but a start.  I’m losing in areas that I really didn’t care one way or another if I lost and I’m not really losing where I want to lose.  The best thing about t-tapp for me personally though is how clear headed and awake I feel after doing BWO+.  I mean I’m just ready to go on with my day.  I don’t feel exhausted from the work out or any other negative side effects.  If I have a headache starting and do the PBS it almost always goes away until I’m done.  If for no other reasons those 2 are enough to keep me tapping (for now).  Last month on the forum I pledged to do 50 hoe downs, I fell short by 8.  This month I only said 45 but I’m hoping to surpass that.  I’ve told myself that if I want a Coke, I gotta do a hoe down after wards.  That’s either going to increase my hoe downs or decease my cokes, either way good things should come of it.

Unrelated but worth mentioning, tomorrow we go back to school and I feel so unprepared.  At this point, I’m shooting at just having things printed and ready for 10 days.  That will take me up to a weekend that I don’t work and then can hopefully get more accomplished.


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