Moving on

Well I tried to keep going with T-tapp but it just wasn’t happening/working.  With little support from home and lack of results I just didn’t have it in me myself to continue with it. I don’t think it’s the program.  I do believe that if you can get the form right you’ll see results.  That form is key though and I think I was actually doing more “harm than good”.  So I’m moving on, or moving back depending on how you look at it.  I’ve gone back to New Rules of Lifting for Women.    And we got rid of the gazelle and got a treadmill which I’m using 3x a week.  I’m only a week and a half into it but so far so good and I have the support and encouragement of my husband.  That is a big bonus.  Somes times to help stretch out I still use the t-tapp primary back stretch but for now, t-tapp is on the back burner.  I’ll let you know how the new program goes.  I’m also hoping to start the F-Factor “diet” on Sunday.


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