Where am I?

Oh my, I feel like time is slipping quicker than ever.  So I’m not even sure what to say.  Let’s see if I can update things:

Exercise/Dieting:  I’m currently nearing the end of the first 6 weeks of New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Next week will be the last week and I’m excited/scared to see how my measurements might have changed in 6 weeks and how they might have changed since May.  I’m trying to do Couch 2 5k again but I couldn’t even finish today which was Week 3, day 3.  Next week scares me even more.  I might switch to doing 12 miles a week with various inclines.  Dieting, well, I thought I would follow the f-factor diet with the once exception of allowing my self 1 coke a day.  Then as I shopped for things I got the wrong yogurt.  I got greek yogurt, but flavored which isn’t what you are suppose to use on the first 2 weeks.  Even still I did well for the first 2 weeks and was seeing the weight go down.  Then time of the month started to come around and well, needless to say things got tossed.  I have to try to at least get back to the principles of the f-factor diet which is making sure you get your daily fiber and protein intake and limiting processed carbs.

School:  Well those plans certainly got changed.  It falls in to the catergory of the best laid plans of mice and men.  However, I found something free that is working out beautifully.  It’s American History 2 from Guest Hollows.  If I was more organized I would start thinking about writing more on how to homeschool for the cheap, but we all know I don’t write that often.  So that’s what we are using for history and science.  I also just got the Handbook of Nature Study and hope to get helpful information on how to use it from this blog.  This book is HUGE.  Couldn’t believe how thick it was.  Math is Math Mammoth, language Arts is Learning Language Arts through Literature and McGuffey Readers.  Spelling is Natural Speller (I still haven’t figured out how to use the McGuffey Progressive Speller).  Bible is going to be Scripture Adventures, Acts of the Apostles.  I’m struggling with doing things with my younger ones.  I know they need some sort of something I just get wrapped up in other things and don’t do things with them.  My mind is starting to think about the ideal schedule but making that happen will be a different story.

As for other stuff:  I started a different job at the beginning of August.  It’s been a bit of adjustment but so far things are going well.  The baby (guess we’ll call her smiley) has a gluten intorelance.  Finding that out has be a process.  She also has some delays which I”m not sure if it’s from the gluten problem or something else.  I guess time will tell.  The weather here is turning colder which means it’s time to do the dreaded wardrobe change.  There is nothing fun about that job. Figuring out who has clothes for the upcoming season, what fits, what doesn’t fit.  No, not fun.  That’s all.  That’s where I’m at.


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