End of another week

Well this week certainly hasn’t gone as I had hoped.  I was once again thankful we homeschool due to various reasons and yet as the same time wondering how on earth to get all this school work done.  This week we started Sounder, The 40 Acre Swindle and Reconstruction Junction.  We also read Virgie Goes to School with us Boys.  I’m continuing to enjoy using Guest Hollows American History 2 curriculum.  It has really been a blessing for me.  We are also enjoying the Hanbook of Nature Outdoor Challenges.  Since Monday’s “challenge” Bam-Bam has been making spiderwebs with his silly putty while I read aloud.  Also we have started using Scripture Adventures Acts of the Apostles for our bible study for this quarter.    Even Dozer and Tater Tot are trying to learn the New Testament books in order with the other ones.  It’s really quite insprining.  The week will not end as I hoped it would.  We’ve (probably more me then the children) have lost some papers that while they are easily replaced it’s still frustrating to know I lost them.  Oh and one other thing we start this week: Family Time Fitness Agility Courses.  They are easy to set up and the kids seem to really enjoy them.  I’m hoping to get the full curriculum sometime within the next 6 months.  OKay that’s all.  Time to pull them in from “recess” and finish things up.


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