Lofty plans and this week’s goals

So last Friday I started to have some big plans form in my head.  I thought Saturday would be great for bulk cooking and so I made my plans for what I would do.  My list looked something like this:

What actually got done was 3 pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, both breakfast cookies and the granola bars.  I was slightly disappointed but it really wasn’t bad.  Then Sunday I got a fair about of crocheting done so I thought it was a pretty productive weekend.

I am trying to set goals for the week, at least in the area of exercise and diet.  Maybe gradually I’ll add other areas too.  This week’s diet and exercise goals are:

  • exercise 5x this week
  • stay within calore range -according to sparkpeople
  • no soda (still have a daily urge but have been one week with out)
  • Walk 8 miles

I’ll try to let you know how I’m doing each week with the previous weeks goals.  I’m really focusing on this as I want to have a jump start on the new year.  I’d like to be buying some new (to me) clothes come January 1.  I don’t expect to have reached my goal weight by then but to be closer to it.



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