Goals update week 3

Three weeks in to my jumpstart on the new year and in some areas I’m doing great and in others areas not so well.  Last week I did well on my goals, well all except one.

  • exercise 5x this week-only did 4x times
  • stay within calore range -according to sparkpeople-DID
  • no soda (still have a daily urge but have been 2 weeks with out)-DID
  • Walk 10 miles-DID 10.16
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day-DID

So overall pretty good.  The scale didn’t budget but I feel good so that’s okay.  I’ve noticed my taste are changing too.  I’m keeping the same goals for this week.  I really want to get up to 12 miles a week but since I’m only walking, getting to 12 miles takes time.  Time that I don’t always have.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pick the pace til the end of the year and I’ll be able to up that number.  I’ve also started a new supplement.  Something I wouldn’t consider a “miracle pill” but I am hoping it keeps me a little extra edge.  It’s called SlimSelect 30-90.  If it does what it claims to do, I’ll lose this weight (and maybe more than I considered doable) by the end of January.  Time will tell on that one.  It does clearly state on that box that you must be following a diet and exercise program which I would say I’m doing.

Well here’s to week 4.


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