Books we have been reading

It’s been awhile since I posted something like this.  School seems to be very busy lately.  The kids are getting eager for their next break and so am I to be honest. So here’s where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We have been moving along with our American history leaving the civil war and have worked our way towards the early 1900’s.  Our “book bag” has included:

  • Sounder-1st time I ever read it
  • The 40-acre swindle-the kids kept asking for me to read ahead
  • Little house on the Prairie-we did the lapbook posted on Homeschool share with this
  • The Toughest Cowboy or How the Wild West was tamed-very cute and funny
  • Buffalo Bill
  • The Moffats
  • Kids on Strike-I find this book quite interesting but I’m not sure the kids do
  • The orphan of Ellis Island-another one the kids want me to keep reading and not stop
  • American Tall tales

Most of December was suppose to be our break however, they asked if we could do a lapbook for Christmas.  I said okay and set about to find something preferably free.  I have decided on on 3 things.  I know probably too much especially for our break but we’ll see.  The one thing will be A Christmas Carol Unit study.  Every year I read this book during December and I think this will tie in well.  Second thing will be the actual lapbook based on the 12 Days of Christmas.  I’m hoping to tie in some crafts and listen to different verisons of the song.  The 3rd thing kinda goes along with the lapbook and depending on how the book works I may make up my own lapbook to go along with it, the book Stories behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas.  It think it will be great to learn some history to our favorite songs.  I am also getting the book An orange for Frankie from the library to read.  According to my source it is suppose to be in the early 1900’s (great history tie in) and is about a little boy who learns about kindness, giving, and obedience along with reminding readers of the tradition of why there was an orange in Christmas Stockings.  I’m looking forward to reading it.

I’ve also pulled out a set of 3 books by Max Lucado to read during the month of Decmeber.  They are Alabasters Song, The Crippled Lamp, and Jacob’s Gift.  I’m sure I’ve only read one out loud to the kids so these will make nice reading selections.

So that about covers things.  I’ll try to share how it went after we are done.


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