November Recap and Goals for December

So here it is December 1st.  Wow, 2011 is almost over.  In Novemeber I logged 1,115 fitness mintues on sparkpeople and had an estimated (I had to use 10/31 and 12/1 for dates) 6.2 pounds lost.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  However, I do seem to be hitting a bump.  Part of the problem is that I’m starting to need some varitey.  Getting on the treadmill 5 times a week is well boring and walking outside is not an option.  Strength training is going well but some days it requires early rises which can be difficult. 19 days in November I met my calorie range.  Of the 10 days I didn’t met that goal 7 of them were under.  That seems pretty good to me.  Also in November I was able to fit in my progress pants and with any luck they will be big until the end of December (think that’s asking for too much?)

So what are my December goals?

I need to lose at least 3 more pounds to be in the healthy range on the BMI chart but I’m going to shoot for another 6 pounds for December.  That will leave me with at least 7 pounds to go at the new year to hit my ideal weight.  Course part of me still isn’t set on an ideal weight sooooo.

I want to finish stage 4 of New Rules for lifting.  This is putting me in a delima.  I should finish stage 4 on 12/16 leaving me 2 weeks until the end of the year.  I already know that my husband will be taking off most of the last week of December so execise time will be limited.  So I don’t want to start another stage until 1/2 (or 1/4 depending on his vacation time).  So I think I will use some of sparkpeoples 10 minute videos so that I’m doing something but not having to wake up early to do so.  Course maybe I will find something else to help break up the 2 weeks, I don’t know yet.

I also want to strive to have 30 out of 30 days that I met my calorie range.  Difficult I know but so long as I plan ahead, I don’t seem to struggle with it all as much.  Hmm, as I sit here pondering what I just wrote, I wonder if that’s asking a lot of myself.  Well it’s a goal, something to strive for so if I don’t met it this month I can try again in January.

I think that about wraps it up.  Here’s to a wonderful December!


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