Fridays in December

So I saw so many great ideas for counting down to Christmas.  I had reserves about most of them.  Some the cost (especially when times by 6 for some items) so the time to do it, and so so.  So I have combined a lot to do what works for us (a concept that is important to keep in mind).  I decided that Fridays in December we will be making something.  This could be baked goods, gifts for Sunday School teachers, or whatever else I come up with.  This morning it was bake goods.  I made sure all the kids (well all but the 2 year old) got to help somehow.  (that was a task just in and of it’s self)

We made Cookies in a Jiffy

before being baked


And we made Cheerio Treats (which I used gluten free cheerios for so that the 2 year old could have them)

Next week we will be working on gifts for Sunday School teachers and therapists.   Tune in for my other theme days.


One thought on “Fridays in December

  1. Hi there! I left a comment on a post of your’s from 2008 when I was searching about homeschool and the library. Anyway, I apologize for seeming like a stalker, lol, but I’m trying to get caught up on your CURRENT posts. 😀

    My boys are 12 and 7 and this year they decided they wanted to gift homemade treats to family. We have some cookies on our list, but they saw the cheerios treats and thought those would be a nice addition, and a cool way to make a traditional treat different! I have bookmarked it on the Taste of Home page. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Homeschooling mom of two boys that’s ecstatic to have found my budding writer an online writing tutor! that’s not ME! 🙂

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