Tuesdays, Thursdays and what we made today

Yep,  as is par for course I got behind this week.  So here’s what’s going on:

Tuesdays:  These are book and movie days.  The book doesn’t normally relate to the movie.  So this past Tuesday we read An Orange for Frankie and they watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon verison) and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  We had also read about how the song and story came about for Rudolph so that was a nice tie in.

Thursday:  Christmas Symbols/traditions.  Yesterday we reviewed the origin of the Candy Cane.  Bam-Bam was able to recap last year’s lesson on it quite well but I still read the article I had on it, and then I let each of them have a candy cane.  I could have done a whole lapbook on these subject but decided against it this year.

For this week’s Making Something Friday we are doing Oreo Truffles.  These are super easy and I have a plan for how all the children (minus the youngest) can participate.  I have divided the oreos into small bags with about 7 in each.  This will allow them to all help with crushing the oreos (I have back oreos in case of spillage or anything else).  Then I will allow them to each roll some of the balls in the chocolate.  This will be harder with Dozer and Tater Tot but I know they will want to be involved and this is the best way I can do it.  So that’s it for this week.  Come back and see what we read, learn, and do next week.


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