Thursday’s Christmas Tradition/Symbol

So yesterday we discussed Christmas cards.  I find it quite interesting that the post office superdient complained with Christmas cards first became popular because he had to hire more mail carriers for the Christmas season.  I can’t say we’ve gotten a lot of cards this year.  It’s a little sad but I’m hopefully that more will be coming.  We talked about that too about how much we enjoy receiving Christmas cards and I encouraged them to make one to send to someone.  Only one took me up on that offer (and I need to get it mailed today).

I chuckled to myself how on the same day we talked about Christmas cards The Happy Housewife had a post on them which I thought was very good.  In fact I would encourage you to read the post and send a card, just one card to some one that might be lonely this season.  Or if you can’t think of anyone get a card and drop it off at a nursing home and ask them to put the name of someone who doesn’t get visitors on it.

We have ours displayed around a door (well sorta)

Next year though I may make one of these:.


As for me I’m waiting on a few pictures so I can send my last few cards but most of them have gone on their happy little way.  They weren’t hand written but I did take time to get a good family photo and pick which card design I liked.


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