School plans update

So I really wanted to do a whole goals update seeing as it’s January 4th but time isn’t going to permit for that.  However, I would like to give an update for what I decided to do this month school wise after my last post about my mid-year crisis.  I was very hopefully that I would be able to start ambleside online with my oldest this month but it’s not happening, at least not as it’s suppose to because I just can’t get the books right now and my library has very few of them.  So even though I LOVE Guest Hollow’s American History 2 I found it too easy to push aside the core subjects of Language Arts and Math.  Yes, we covered them (math better than LA) but not like we should.  So I’m going back to the core subjects.  I printed out this planner from Donna Young and instead of using it for 2 children I used it for 2 weeks for the same child.  I filled in what pages I wanted covered on which day for them so they can simply pull out their “assignment sheet” and know what to do.  They come to me when they need help or when I call them and question them.  I’m also giving them a deadline in which it needs done.   If things aren’t done there are penalties that are child specific.  This gives them the choice of when they do what.  We are on day 2 of this plan and so far so good.  It amazes me as to what they choose to do first and when.  For example the oldest highly dislikes math and he chooses to do it first thing in the morning before breakfast even so that he can have it done.  My hope is that if I can get into a good routine with this then we can add back in the American History stuff.  Or, maybe ambleside as that would continue to allow them to work independently.  It’s going to be a hard decision.  However, that decision is further down the road as I have to get this into good practice first.


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