1/6 week in review

So I thought I would take a little time and see how I’m doing so far for my January goals.

1. Get the core subjects for school into better habit.- This week has gone well with working just with these subjects.  We have had 1 penalty for not being done with in allowed time frame which resulted in not being allowed outside the following day until all of school work was done.

2.  Read Shepherding a Child’s Heart I have read at least 1 chapter each morning.  I’m really learning a lot and I wish I would have had this book BEFORE I had children.  Maybe I should buy 6 now so that I can give them to my children when I find out they are expecting.

3.  Read the Proverbs.  On Proverbs 6 so right on target.

4.  Finish Smiley’s dress that was suppose to be for Christmas.  Haven’t worked on it one stitch.  Hopefully this weekend I can.

5.  Better meal planning.  Didn’t go well this week.  Will try again next week.

6.  Attempt to complete Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Got 2 days done and came down with a head cold.  Probably will restart next week.


So, overall not doing bad.  This helps me to see areas I need to improve on and encourages me to keep up with what I’m doing.


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