Trying to find that Groove again

You know how at the beginning of the school year everything is new and fresh and you have to find a groove.  Then about 1 month into things start falling into place and there is a rhythm or groove to things.  Well we’re struggling to find that since the holiday break.  Course it doesn’t help that we had off 1 day last week and 1 day this week.  It doesn’t help that I don’t feel well and in all honesty could just care less about somethings right now.  See in my mind is this great schedule of how our day would look.  It never happens that way though and that can be discouraging.  I am flexible to a point.  Right now I’m trying to be accomdating to the fact that the weather is really nice for January and let’s face it they need the fresh air.  So they’ll do their school work after lunch, it’s not a big deal.  In fact, it’s really not the kids.  They seem to be doing well with the new system which leads me to wonder about a lot of things.  It really is me.  Me, trying to sort out what is important for the here and now, what can wait, getting over myself pity and moving on with things.  It’s me putting one foot in front of the other.  Only problem with that I don’t know where I”m going.  How can I put one foot in front of the other if I don’t know where I”m going.  Yes, I’ll be moving, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be moving in the right direction.  Wow, this post took a totally different turn from where it started.  However, sometimes it’s in my ramblings that things become clear.  I”m not saying that is currently happening.  I’m really feel I’m just rambling to get things out.  But hopefully with lots of prayer, focus will come.  So back to the original point of this post.  I need to find MY groove.  The kids seem to be doing just fine with getting done what is required of them (well with a nudge here and there).  I need to write out the to-do list (yes I need the physical list) and just start checking things off one by one.  That’s basically what I’m asking the kids to do.  I’m off to find my groove and check something off the to-do list.


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