Marriage Monday-Celebrating Womanhood

(I want to say up front I’m not sure what I’m doing with this but somehow I felt compelled to do it)

I am….. seeking God for direction on where to go.

I want….. to get out of debt!

I have….. many blessings.

I wish….. for a “personal day” with spending money.

I hate…..forgetting things.

I miss….. being able to just go.

I fear….. missing moments with my children.

I feel….. motivated to do something.

I hear…..dishes being washed and music.

I smell….. bacon from breakfast.

I crave…..friendships for myself and my family.

I search….. for ways to improve.

I wonder….. what my children will be like when they grow up.

I regret….. so financial decisions we have made.

I love… soak in the tub.

I ache….. when I see my children fighting.

I care…..about my family.

I always…..seem to end up playing the devil’s advocate.

I am not….. sure I have a handle on this mothering deal.

I believe….. that God is faithful and just.

I dance…. to my favorite songs, normally with one child on my hip and another holding my hand.

I sing….. along with songs that I know.

I cry… the drop of a hat, just ask my dh.

I don’t always….. deal with my children in patience.

I fight….. for the Truth.

I write….. more or less to help sort out what I’m feeling

I never…. sort clothes.  They all go into the wash.

I listen….. to music when ever I can.

I need….. to get more organized.

I am happy….. to be healthy.


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