February Goals

So January has come to a close and I certainly didn’t meet all my goals.  However, I’m not giving up on things and figured it’s time to “refocus” so to speak for the new month.  There are 2 3 keys things I want to work on this month.

1.  Regular Exercise and healthy eating-I have some plans on what I want to do but until it’s done, it’s going to be my little secret.

2.  Continue to study for the PTCE.  This is a quarterly goal so I plan on taking and passing the exam in April (maybe March depending on testing dates).

3.  Keep up with weekly school assignment sheets with plans of bringing back Guest Hollow’s history to be picked up where we left off.

Some other goals for this month:

  • Finish reading Push (have roughly 10 days left)
  • Finish reading Shepherding a child’s heart
  • Read A biblical Home Education (I can’t remember if I read this before or not but I’m starting to look ahead to school choice for next year and thought it might be good)
  • Finish neice’s second glove
  • work on crochet projects for tea room

I think that’s all for February.  Oh, for January, I read through Proverbs and did rather well with it.  Yesterday The HappyHousewife posted a month long schedule for Ephesians and that has become my plan for February along with some Psalms.

So there is my February in a nut shell.


2 thoughts on “February Goals

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