Hello March-when did you sneak in

Yes, It’s already March the 7th and I’m still wondering where February went.  Short recap of things happening.  I’m on day 25 of 30 of Rockin Body.  It’s from BeachBody and ShaunT is the instructor.  I’m really enjoying it.  It only came with a 30 day calendar which was slightly disappointing but I have a solution for that.  I’m going to repeat that calendar because this first round I did mainly the modify version and I would like to get to the point where I’m doing mainly the regular verison (somethings I’m sure will still have to be modified due to some knee problems).  Then I”m going to bump it up to the Rockin Body Rockin Results (which I just found this morning, it’s well hid).  That is another 30 day calendar which I’ll probably need to repeat all in hopes of being able to do Insanity.  Yes I realize this is all probably a bit insane but that’s my goal.  As for results I feel great and can’t say much more than that as I’m waiting until Monday to take my 1 month measurements.

And speaking for goals the other big goal at the moment is studying and passing my pharmacy technician exam.  This is not going well.  I just can’t seem to do school with the kids and study at the same time.  So hopefully on the next school break (which will be in a week and half) I can full out study for this exam and then set the date to take it.

Spring seems to be coming early this year and as proof here are some of my flowers from last week.  I’m still concerned that we will get snow and kill all the bulbs that have started to come up but I can’t control the weather.


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