Almost Spring Break

Well, spring is definately in the air.  Temps have been above average, flowers are blooming, and the cat and dog have a new spring in the steps.  To that end, we are almost ready to go to spring break.  I am very much ready for spring break.  Not that I think it will involve much of a break for me but that’s okay.  We will be taking 3 weeks off and then have rough 40 days left to meet our 180 day requirements.  Things I plan on doing during break: a lot of studing for my pharm tech exam, planning out those last 40 days, that dreaded job of change out seasonal clothes, and maybe, just maybe getting the flower beds cleaned out.  So as you can see, not much of a break.  And if my mind can function enough to do so, I”m going to have to work on planning for next year :GULP:

Oh, yes, and if the children have their way, we will be working on life skills.  You see I found this on pinterest and it was the talk of my house for the rest of the day.  I was extrememely suprised by the interest in learning these life skills but figure I better take it and run with it.   In preparation for it, I made a copy for each child so that I can mark for each one what we are working on and keep track of things.  Wish me luck.


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